SERVE,I.P. held a meeting with HE Prime Minister

SERVE,I.P. represented by Mr. Florencio Sanches and Mrs. Ana Jeannie Corte-Real, held a meeting with HE Prime Minister, Dr. Mari Alkatiri, on 13 December 2017. At the meeting, SERVE,I.P. reported the work that have done so far and also the new laws that empower the SERVE, I.P. to implement and/or apply to all the existing companies throughout the territory. The new legislations are composed by laws, decrees-laws and decrees-laws of the government. These laws are Law 10/2017, Decree-Law 7/2017, Decree-Law 16/2017, Decree-Law 34/2017, Decree-Law of Government 27/2017 and Decree-Law of Government 28/2017.